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What is a labor doula?

A labor doula is a trained support person who supports a mother and families during pregnancy and childbirth. You meet with them during pregnancy to go over birth wishes and coping and pain management during labor and delivery. They can also provide support over phone and email during pregnancy and postpartum. Many doulas can also help with initial breastfeeding and immediate postpartum support.


Do doulas have medical training?

Doula training does not include any medical training. I provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support for laboring women. Nurses, midwives, and OBs provide the medical care from mom and baby.


Who needs a doula?

Every woman deserves to have a doula if she desires. Every type of birth can benefit from having doula support. Many times mothers choose not have any type of pain medicine during childbirth so the support of a doula can help her to manage pain and work through contractions. In the event a mother chooses an epidural, a doula can help by encouraging position changes, letting mom’s support person get some rest or a break and not leaving the laboring mom alone, and being an emotional support during the birth itself. Doulas can even be beneficial during a cesarean, whether it is planned or not. Moms still need support and questions answered during pregnancy, and after a cesarean (and any birth really) often moms need someone to talk to and process their birth experience.


When should you hire a doula?

Unless you have had your baby already, it is not too late to hire a doula!


Why are doulas expensive?

You will find a wide range of pricing for doulas. This work is very hard and takes up a lot of time. Being on call when you have family and little kids is especially hard. Doulas price their services based on what they need. A doulas price is worth every penny. I believe all women should have access to doula support should they want it. So, I have priced my services with that in mind.


Where did you get your training?

I trained and certified through CAPPA, Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, as a Labor Doula


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