KC Doula Connective

The KC Doula Connective is a collective of Independent KC Doulas, Danielle Seifert, Mariam Self, Rebekah Hoover, Sarah Harris,and Monica Drake. These doulas provide backup services to clients of the others in the Connective should the need for a backup doula ever arise. We strive to support our clients in accordance to our values and priorities of faith, family, and service. 


Hello, my name is Mariam Self, owner of Perfect Peace Doula Services. I am a wife of 9 years and mother to 3 little girls--Lydia Mae, Felicity Ann, and Vivienne Hope. I love Jesus, music and the country life. I started my doula journey after having two very different birth experiences myself. One I did not have the support I needed, and one I did. The night and day differences I experienced gave me a passion for supporting families through one of the most life-changing journeys a family can go through--the birth of their baby. If my clients look back on their birth experience with joy and positive feelings, than I've done my job. I support YOUR choices for YOUR birth. I am certified through Childbirth International and am also a placenta encapsulator. I also just recently became a certified Hypno-Doula through Hypnobabies. 
I would love nothing more than to walk alongside you as you navigate the path of pregnancy, discover YOUR vision for your birth and use the power you've had all along to make it come to fruition.


I am Rebekah Hoover. I am married to an amazing husband of 15+ years and we are blessed with 6 children! Four of our children are biological and two adopted. We first adopted locally and I induced lactation to be able to breastfeed her! I was honored to be able to be at her birth and even cut her umbilical cord. The next time, we adopted Filipino embryo's and I gave birth to our youngest adopted son! Each experience was unique and wonderful, but also challenging. It wasn't until after the birth of my youngest, which ended up being an emergency c-section due to placenta abruption at 35 weeks, that I learned what a doula was. When I did, I knew that was what I was called to do! I have always had a passion for pregnancy and birth. I also have a natural talent with massage and was excited for a way for my passion and talents to work together. I quickly looked for a training and worked hard to become certified through CAPPA. Since the start of my journey as a doula over 3 years ago, I have been living my dreams. I have served at many births at hospitals, birth centers, and homes. Serving woman as they go through the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth is what I hope to do for the rest of my life!

My personal philosophy of birth is that we are created with the innate ability to give birth. That birth is a physiological event, not a medical emergency. However, I am thankful for science and technology for times that it is necessary. As a doula, my philosophy is to lay my opinions down and to learn what it is YOU desire for YOUR birth and help you achieve it! To help you feel INSPIRED, EMPOWERED, and ENCOURAGED! Regardless of the twists and turns birth may bring you, I want you to feel like you made every decision fully informed and supported so that you can walk away feeling that you made the best choices for YOU every step of the way!

Along with my passion of serving women as they birth I have combined my passion of photography and give the option of a birth photography package. You can see some of my work on my website.



Hi! I’m Sarah Harris, married to my husband Troy for 13 years, together for 18 years! We have two children, Brae is almost 10, and Kynlee just turned 7. I have three surro-babies as well as I was a surrogate three different times for three different families! They were the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences of my life and they are the birthplace of my passion for postpartum support. All of my 4th trimesters have some similarities, but what I learned was that having support when you need it is a very valuable component to healing and processing birth. I currently work as an Intake Coordinator for my surrogacy agency (Circle Surrogacy), and I get to assist women as they are beginning their surrogacy journeys! Staying connected in the surrogacy world is greatly important to me, as is supporting women and their new families in the journey of parenthood!

I have recently completed my certification as a Birth and Bereavement Doula, and am so happy to start offering these services to my clients! Birth is an incredible thing, and I’m honored to hold space for families as they welcome their addition.

As a Postpartum Doula, I’m here to support you as you recover from your birth, to be a listening ear, to remind you to take some time for a little self care, make a meal for you and your new family to enjoy, and show you the ins and outs of caring for your new baby. Whatever you want in terms of support, I am trained and equipped to help you achieve it. It is my pleasure to serve your family in this way!



Hello! I’m Monica Drake, married to my husband Ryan of 11 years (together since high school, 17 years! Ah!!). Mom to Ethan, Emma, and Collin. I’m currently part stay at home mom and part Birth Doula, lead the Knowing Moms group at College Church, and am a book worm and podcast enthusiast. My philosophy of birth has evolved a lot since I was pregnant with my first and I’ve been incredibly lucky to have supported my clients through a variety of birth experiences. I had my births and you are the author of yours. My job is to support you through each step of your pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. Part of the joy of this work for me is bringing birthing partners together in a totally new way. Helping partners to feel confident in their abilities to support Mom is vital! I’ve been so blessed to watch families transform through birth. Each family leaves me both so proud and so humble. Proud of them for making the best choices they can for their family and humbled to have been part of their birth team. I cannot wait to continue this passion career for many many years to come. www.monicadrakebirthdoula.com