"Danielle was absolutely amazing to work with. Our meetings with her pre Labor Day helped us prepare for the birth experience we were hoping for. Then when the actual day came, she truly shined. Danielle has a calming demeanor and was so great at helping me to manage pain in various ways. So many times I didn’t know what I needed and Danielle stepped in with ideas and took charge when necessary. With her help I was able to have the natural birth experience I really wanted."

-Cristina Lombardi

"I was beyond happy with how Danielle supported me in my pregnancy, labor and delivery. She was always available for any questions I had leading up to my due date and fully supported me in the plans I had for a natural birth. At the hospital, she provided me with great care and comfort throughout the duration of my 17 hour labor. She helped me remain calm and truly made the delivery room feel secure and peaceful. She did a great job with suggesting different labor positions and was patient with me when I didn’t have any patience. I am so glad that I had her there to support me through this. Without her guidance, I don’t think I could of gotten through this without feeling the need to get medicated pain relief. Thank you so much, Danielle!"

-Tiffany Dumm

"I am so happy that Danielle was my doula during my recent delivery. She is the sweetest soul, and was extremely supportive of my wishes and desires throughout my pregnancy and labor. While I had great nurses at the hospital, there were three shift changes throughout. It was so comforting to have a constant presence in Danielle throughout the day. I can't recommend her enough - I don't think I could have done it without her!"

-Marguerite Armitage

"Danielle made me feel so confident and strong all throughout my pregnancy, labor, delivery, and post partum! She believed I could have a successful VBAC, and I did! She was always there to answer my questions during pregnancy, and gave me such peace of mind every time we spoke. On the day I gave birth, she was there every minute of labor and delivery. Everytime I said I can't, she reminded me I CAN! Her presence in the room was so calming, encouraging, and positive. She never over stepped any boundaries, but helped me advocate for what I thought was best, when I was too afraid to speak up for myself. She helped my husband with ideas on how to help me throughout the overwhelming pain. She assured me during delivery that baby was ok and that I was really doing this! She kept me focused on the prize, and never doubted me! I am forever thankful she was our doula, and could not recommend her enough!"

-Rebecca Seifert

"Danielle did a fantastic job during my labor. She was very calm and knew all kinds of information to help the whole process go smooth. My husband very much appreciated having her knowledge in the room with him. She was a great advocate for me and my baby with the doctors and nurses. She shot some great and precious photos that we wouldn't have had without her there since we didn't hire a birth photographer. She will definitely be there for the next kiddo(s)!"

-Cristina Patnode

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